Flash Memory with an Integrated Controller

Flash Memory Solutions with Integrated Controller chip in a Package

If you opt for raw Flash Memory chips, ECC (Error Correction Code), bad-block management, logical-to-physical address conversion, wear leveling (a technique for distributing re-writes evenly across a memory array) and other control functions must be implemented on the host side. With evolving Flash Memory manufacturing process, ECC is becoming notably more sophisticated, imposing heavier burdens on the host processor,especially for large-capacity Flash Memory. In response to customer needs, KIOXIA offers Flash Memories that integrate a controller in the same package. These are KIOXIA’s recommendation for  high-capacity Flash Memories.

Features of Flash Memories with an Integrated Controller

KIOXIA offers e-MMC and UFS, a family of high-capacity Flash Memories that integrates a controller in one package. These Flash Memory solutions provide ECC and other control functions, optimized by KIOXIA for each Flash Memory technology generation.


Features of NAND Flash Memories with an Integrated Controller

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KIOXIA UFS Infographic