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The Next Flash Revolution at Scale: Open Source Software + Software-Enabled Flash Technology

KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash™ Technology

Hyperscalers are looking to evolve and redefine the use of flash in their data centers. What is needed to accelerate this trend are tools that leverage the native speed and flexibility of flash, coupled with the ease of software-defined storage.


KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash™ (SEF) technology supports this emerging paradigm by fundamentally redefining the relationship between the host and solid-state storage. Software-Enabled Flash technology consists of purpose-built, media-centric flash hardware focused on hyperscaler requirements, with an open source API and libraries to provide the functionality hyperscalers demand.

Overhead from Traditional Industry Solutions

  • Firmware induced ‘long tail latency’
  • DRAM buffers
  • Device-level RAID
  • Overprovisioning limiting capacity
  • Device-level power protection

Challenges of Current HDD Driven Approach

  • Legacy of HDD paradigms for storage
  • Fixed functionality by the standards
  • IO blender approach to block and wear leveling creates tenant workload conflicts
  • Limits flash to fit the standards used

KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash Technology

  • Enables host to control latency optimizations
  • Offers DRAM, no-DRAM and hybrid solutions
  • RAID becomes a host control decision
  • Gives access to full capacity of each flash die
  • Power loss protection option
  • API delivers needed tools to adapt flash at the speed developers require
  • Sheds the legacy HDD paradigm
  • Adapt single IO or multiple IO modes
  • Die-level workload isolation that also enables multiple IO modes to run simultaneously
  • Maximizes flash flexibility, scalability, performance, parallelism and speed

Simply put: Software-Enabled Flash technology brings software flexibility and scalability to flash.

KIOXIA's Software-Enabled Flash Open Source API Now Available on GitHub

Open Source API and Libraries Accelerate and Ease Innovation in Hyperscale Storage

  • Delivers on the promise of storage developed at the speed of software
  • The API gives Hyperscale developers tools and freedom to innovate and customize according to their needs
  • Accelerate flash development time to create a competitive advantage
  • Free to use, adapt and develop to flash storage requirements
  • Flash-native API puts all the tools in the hands of storage developers

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