Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive

KIOXIA SSD (Solid State Drive)

With the KIOXIA solid state drive portfolio, KIOXIA provides optimal SSD product and solutions of various Client SSDs, Data Center SSDs and Enterprise SSDs for data centers, PCs and laptops.


Enterprise SSDs are suitable for high-performance Tier 0 computing, server and storage systems that require high levels of performance and reliability.
KIOXIA Enterprise SSDs equip the flash memory and controller developed by KIOXIA and offer high reliability, data protection incorporating power-loss-protection (PLP) and encryption technology to support enterprise environments and applications. Light weight and low power consumption will make the systems more energy efficient.

CM6 Series
CM5 Series
PM6 Series

Together,we power the Enterprise.Together,we power the Enterprise.

KIOXIA data center SSDs which are equipped with flash memory, firmware and a controller developed by KIOXIA are suitable for low-end servers and cloud data centers requiring both low power consumption and high performance.
These SSDs include data protection with power-loss-protection (PLP) and encryption technology options to increase safety and security.

CD Series
XD Series

Together,we scale the data center.Together,we scale the data center.

Client SSDs offer fast transfer rates, high durability against shock and vibration, light weight and low power compared with Client Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) .
Our Client SSDs, equipped with the in-house developed flash memory, can be applied to a wide range of applications from mobile computing to entry level servers including security-required systems with SED models with the product line up of various form factors and interfaces.

XG Series
BG Series

Together,we empower productivity.Together,we empower productivity.

KIOXIA offers a wide operating temperature solution with embedded BGA SSD or M.2 2230 removable form factor.

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Introducing KIOXIA's business SSDs and solutions...

Solutions & Technologies

KumoScale™ SoftwareKumoScale™ Software

KumoScale™ is software developed by KIOXIA Corp. in compliance with the NVMe™ over Fabrics standard, and it shows its true value in back-end storage of cloud services and SaaS services. In the data center, NVMe™ -compatible SSDs can be shared by a large number of servers for efficiency and low-latency storage close to a local connection.


Due to the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the prevalence of social networking services (SNSs), and photos and videos at ever-higher resolution, the volume of data generated worldwide is growing exponentially.
In the field of information processing, real-time performance is considered an important requirement as a huge amount of data must be managed by big-data systems or indefinitely stored by data centers and cloud service systems.
BiCS FLASH offers the solution satisfying the market requirements with many advantages.

KIOXIA SSD Security and EncryptionKIOXIA SSD Security and Encryption

SSD security is critical to safeguard business and customer data. KIOXIA offers SSDs with a range of security and encryption options for various requirements, including sanitize instant erase(SIE), self-encrypting drives(SED) and FIPS certification.

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In addition to SSDs, we also offer products for business customers, such as memory and SD memory cards.